Fruit Pie NFT

Hong Kong's

First Fruit

Subscription NFT

Fruit Pie is a first-of-its-kind NFT project in Hong Kong, providing members with real world Hong Kong fresh fruit shipping and an exclusive digital experience.


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Fruit Pie is a scene graph of 20,000 Fruit Pie Party automatically generated programmatically using the ERC-721 protocol on the Polygon(MATIC) blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Through the party by the beach with 16 kinds of fruits in different seasons, party backgrounds, fruit bands, parasols, party speakers, beach chairs, lifebuoys, etc., each party scene map NFT is unique, and it is a rare and unique digital collectible.

Fruit Pie is one of the critical projects of AseanKOC Internet Marketing Consulting Company. AseanKOC has invested in orchard bases in Mainland China, Vietnam, Thailand, and other countries and regions. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong. Its primary businesses are agricultural, catering, transportation, Internet commodity sales, and supply, transportation, and sales of fresh fruits, vegetables, and aquatic products to Hong Kong.

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Fruit Pie Party

The Fresh Fruit Pie Party comes from the idea of KUN, product development of FruitPie. Our team is engaged in fruit planting, logistics and transportation, and consumer finance, so we created a fresh fruit pie party to integrate our passion and allow more Hong Kong people to experience the precious fruit freedom in Hong Kong.

Fruit Party consists of 20,000 unique Fruit Party scenes on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of NFTs. We'll also unlock some recommended fruits that you seldom eat in Hong Kong.

Fresh Fruit Pie's Vision

Fruit Pie is not just a practical NFT; it allows every Hong Konger to eat fresh fruit and achieve fruit freedom! Here's Fresh Fruit Party's vision for the future. More details will be announced soon.

NFT Utilies

  • We will give two fresh fruit gift boxes to every holder of our Fresh Fruit Pie NFT;
  • NFT holders will enjoy membership discounts and free shipping on all orders on future fresh fruit e-commerce websites;
  • NFT holders will enjoy the profit rights of the upcoming Orchard Game (Play to Earn);
  • NFT holders will enjoy our membership rights in Metaverse Wisdom Orchard;
  • NFT holders will enjoy the right to draw the project once a month;

Team Members


FruitPie Product Development


Investor at
Orchard Base


(Marketing Consultant)


Fruit Pie is a group of NFT fruit ecosystems that exist on the Ethereum blockchain in ERC-721 tokens. Each NFT is a unique digital collectible that can be used as a membership token to unlock fresh and carefully selected fruits delivered for free intermittently by Fruit Pie. In addition to real world utility, members will also have access to a growing online community, live events, a library of digital content, and discounts at the Fresh Fruit Pie online store through the newly launched e-commerce platform. It consists of 20,000 unique fresh fruit delivery scenarios. Each is a unique digital collectible that lives on the Polygon(MATIC) blockchain as an ERC-721 token

Fruit pie NFT holders need to visit the gift box collection page on the website, connect to the Metamask wallet and enter your delivery address information to receive our gift box. This is done so that secondary market buyers can still pick up the Fresh Fruit Box, and we will give you plenty of time to claim your Fresh Fruit Box in the #announcements channel. Be sure to change your social media banner and tell your family and friends to share the fruity freedom of Fresh Fruit Pie!

All you need is a MetaMask wallet with Matic, and you are good to go!

When our pre-sale and public sale start, you can get Fresh Fruit Pie NFT through our website. After the public sale, you can trade, buy or sell on Opensea.

Please stay tuned to our Twitter, official website, and Discord channel to update the release time and our plans!